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Acupressure Treatment for Stroke

Both hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes can benefit from acupressure, leveraging the uninterrupted path of arteries and veins from the brain to the hands and feet. Stroke disrupts blood supply to the brain, causing speech and movement issues

Acupressure Treatment for Infertility & Sexual Weakness

Infertility, a condition requiring attention from both partners, comes in two forms: Primary infertility, where a year of continuous, uninterrupted attempts at conception is unsuccessful, and secondary infertility. Acupressure offers potential support in addressing these challenges.

Acupressure Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes results from inadequate insulin production by the pancreas' Beta cells or insufficiently responsive insulin receptors. Acupressure may offer potential support for improving insulin sensitivity and managing this condition."

Acupressure Treatment for Chronic condition

Acupressure offers a side-effect-free treatment for conditions, ranging from 10 days to years in onset. The healing process is influenced by the duration and the specific organ or pathway affected. Patience and consistent acupressure can lead to resolution for every condition

Acupressure Treatment for Hypertension

Hypertension, characterized by excess pressure on the heart due to narrowed or blocked blood vessels or weakened heart muscles, can find relief through acupressure. Acupressure helps ease this pressure, promoting better circulation and heart health

Acupressure Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury & Waist Pains

Acupressure's Healing Touch for Spinal Cord Injuries: Targeting Neck, Back, Waist, and Sciatic Nerve Pain. Spinal cord injuries result from various factors like poor sitting or sleeping posture, lifting heavy objects, extended driving, falls, trauma, and more.

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